Class A
Title Name
Secretary of State Doug Denison Class A Director
Wilm. Parks/Rec Kevin Kelley Class A Director
Chairman-Wilm. Fin. Bud Freel Class A Director
DEDO OPEN Class A Director
Gov. Chief of Staff Sheila Grant Class A Director
Controller General Michael L. Morton Class A Director
Class B Director
Title Name
House of Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf Appointed by Speaker
Senate S. Elizabeth Lockman App. Pres. Pro Tem
Directors-Kent Jeff Young Class B Director
Directors-Kent Bill Winters Finance Chair
Directors-Wilmington Mike Hare Class B Director
Directors-Wilmington Romain Alexander Vice Chairman
Directors-Wilmington Open
Directors-NC County John Casey Facilities Chair
Directors-NC County Ruly Carpenter Class B Director
Directors-NC County Open Class B Director
Directors-NC County Steve Taylor Events Chair
Directors-Sussex Open Class B Director
Directors-Sussex Harriet Smith Windsor Class B Director
Director-At Large Tom Mc Gonigle Chairman of Board