Past State Champions
Year Champion/Coach Runner Up/Coach
1970 Newark, Fran Fulghum Lake Forest, Robert
1971 Newark, Fran Fulghum Conrad, Harry Davies
1972 Dover, Larry Ginsburg Conrad, Harry Davies
1973 Claymont, Larry Wheeler Dover, Danny Roberts
1974 Newark, Fran Fulghum Dickinson, Dick Russo
1975 Caeser Rodney, Joe Vrudny Claymont, Larry Wheeler
1976 Salesianum, Rev. Robert Kenney Claymont, Larry Wheeler
1977 William Penn, Dave Taylor Salesianum, Rev. Robert Kenney
1978 William Penn, Dave Taylor Newark, Fran Fulghum
1979 Salesianum, Rev. Robert Kenney Middletown, Tom Nash
1980 Seaford, Len Chasanov Middletown, Tom Nash
1981 Concord, Jim Thompson Caeser Rodney, John Coveleski
1982 Concord, Jim Thompson Brandywine, Dick Durbano
1983 Seaford, Ron Dickerson Caeser Rodney, John Coveleski
1984 Newark, Fran Fulghum William Penn, Mel Gardner
1985 St. Mark’s Tom Lemon Salesianum, Rev. Robert Kenney
1986 Seaford, Ron Dickerson St. Mark’s Tom Lemon
1987 Tower Hill, Steve Hyde St. Mark’s Tom Lemon
1988 St. Mark’s Tom Lemon Salesianum, Rev. Robert Kenney
1989 Sussex Central, Woody Long William Penn, Mel Gardner
1990 Newark, Harry Davies Seaford, Tom Pegelow
1991 William Penn, Mel Gardner St. Mark’s Tom Lemon
1992 Salesianum, Dannies Walker Seaford, Tom Pegelow
1993 Seaford, Tom Pegelow Salesianum, Dannies Walker
1994 St. Mark’s Tom Lemon Caeser Rodney, John Newman
1995 Salesianum, Dannies Walker William Penn, Mel Gardner
1996 Newark, Curt Bedford St. Mark’s Tom Lemon
1997 St. Mark’s Tom Lemon Brandywine, Larry Wheeler
1998 Caravel, Paul Niggebrugge Dickinson, John Nelson
1999 St. Mark’s Matt Smith Seaford, Tom Pegelow
2000 Mt. Pleasant, Rob Limmina St. Mark’s Matt Smith
2001 Salesianum, Dannies Walker Brandywine, Larry Wheeler
2002 Brandywine, Chuck Clausius/Larry Wheeler Caravel, Paul Niggebrugge
2003 St. Mark’s Matt Smith Newark, Curt Bedford
2004 St. Mark’s Matt Smith Dickinson, John Nelson
2005 St. Mark’s Matt Smith Dickinson, John Nelson
2006 Caravel, Paul Niggebrugge William Penn, Mel Gardner
2007 St. Mark’s Matt Smith Caravel, Paul Niggebrugge
2008 Salesianum, Doug Nowell Middletown, Scott Smith
2009 St. Mark’s Matt Smith Sussex Central,Todd Brock
2010 St. Mark’s Matt Smith Al DuPont, Darren Brodie
2011 Caravel, Paul Niggebrugge Appoquinimink, Charles Word
2012 St. Mark’s Matt Smith Milford, Nick Brannan
2013 St. Mark’s Matt Smith Caravel, Paul Niggebrugge
2014 Caravel, Paul Niggebrugge St. Mark’s Matt Smith
Stenta Cup High School Baseball Tournament

The highlight of every baseball season, for the Delaware Stadium Corporation, is the Stenta and Governor’s Cup high school baseball tournament sponsored by the Delaware Stadium Corporation. Each year this tournament provides some of Delaware’s finest student athletes with an opportunity to display their athletic skills in a first-class minor league ball park.

Year Champion Manager Murphy Tournament MVP
1997 Sussex Tech Kevin Dickerson Jay Balback –
1998 Delcastle Vern Higgins Randy Truselo
1999 Delcastle Vern Higgins Randy Truselo
2000 Hodgson Ralph Cicconi Jamie Walters
2001 Howard John Green Chris Diaz
2002 Howard John Green Robert Henry
2003 Hodgson Ralph Cicconi Buck Harper
2004 Sussex Tech Allan Schirmer
2005 Hodgson Chris Moxley Nick Neel
2006 Hodgson Chris Moxley Shaun Baeder
2007 Hodgson Chris Moxley D.J. Wood
2008 Hodgson Chris Moxley Jamie Treml
2009 Holy Cross, Flushing, NY Doug Manfredonia Matt Valle
2010 Polytech George Eilers Tommy Dill
2011 Holy Cross, Flushing, NY Doug Manfredonia Nick La Forgia
2012 Hodgson Chris Moxley Kyle Speed
2013 Hodgson Chris Moxley Brandon Walter
2014 Hodgson Chris Moxley Nick Sayers
Governor’s Cup High School Baseball Tournament
Year Champion Manager MVP
1998 St. Mark’s Matt Smith Team
1999 St. Mark’s Matt Smith Jason Rogers
2000 Salesianum Dennis Walker Bob Lenoir
2001 Caravel Academy Paul Niggebrugge Chris Robinette
2002 St. Mark’s Matt Smith Mark Romanzcuk
2003 Caesar Rodney John Newman Gary Sanders
2004 Caesar Rodney John Newman Patrick O’Shea
2005 Monsignor Bonner John Fleming


Sussex Tech


St. Mark’s